CAM Rescue (Charley Webber) – Cambridgeshire

Our old Ford Transit-based Rescue ambulance went on the road with CAM Rescue in 2011, but by 2019 it became apparent that a replacement needed to be sought. Finding a replacement was not easy, and soon the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic forced the search to be paused. During the first lockdown much consideration was given to the type of replacement that would best suit the need, and the BMSTT was approached and provided guidance on the available grant aid funding.

Once lockdown one ended the search recommenced, but it was quickly realised that 5 ton Ford Transit chassis cabs are somewhat rare. After many hours of searching, finally just before the Christmas 2020 lockdown a suitable vehicle appeared on the market, a deal was done, and we just got it back to base in time. Lockdown then provided an opportunity to carry out a ‘body transplant’ from our existing rescue unit to the new chassis, commencing the day after Boxing Day, and – after several significant mechanical and electrical challenges on the way – finally completed in April 2021.

The support of the Trust in enabling our somewhat unusual vehicle conversion so that we can continue to provide the required safety cover at events into the future is warmly acknowledged.